Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.

– Albert Einstein, physicist

Passion. I use that word often when I am describing to corporate executives the type of emotion they need to foster in their business.

Great businesses are built on passion.

The best example I can use is Southwest Airlines, and for those who fly them often you know what I mean.

Southwest Airlines is a company built on passion. Once a small company, that was built on passion, it is now a big company thinking small with a lot of passion.

If you are in business, a must read is the book NUTS about Southwest and why they are so successful. Also, quarter after quarter after quarter Southwest makes money. No government subsidies, no bankruptcies, just a good business model and passionate people.

Can you tell I am a raving fan of Southwest…….think it might be because of their passion??

Passion…..how passionate are you?

How passionate are you about anything?

Look back in your life and find times when you felt passionate about something. The easiest one I can think of is at the beginning of a new relationship. Whether it was your first serious girlfriend or boyfriend, fiancée, or spouse. Think back to the first few days, weeks, months….the peak of the courtship. Constantly thinking about that person, waiting for the phone to ring, not wanting the night to end. Passionate to the point of obsession.

I hope you can rekindle those feelings in your mind……do you feel it?

What are you passionate about today?

Most people aren’t passionate about anything.

Why….no goals, no dreams, not much love for any one particular thing. In a beginning of a relationship, we are pretty passionate to establish that relationship for a couple of reasons. We probably believe we love that person, and then the sex thing. We get real passionate.

I know people who are extremely passionate about sailing…why, it’s what they love to do. They DREAM all day of sailing, and when they get the time they go. They dream of sailing different boats, they dream of sailing around the world and pulling into exotic ports.

I listened to a woman talk yesterday. Her passion was to get her husband over here from India. She has been here in the US for two years working, saving enough money to get her husband here (legally). She has a goal, a dream. Two Years!!! Listening to the tone of her voice, the cracking, trying to hold the tears back….passion….dreams…..what’s ahead in her life….her passion drives her to make work endless hours to get her husband here. Amazing lady.

Sometimes our passion results from deep values we have. People are passionate about their religion. It’s a love for their God. You may know some people passionate about their health. Disciplined to go to the gym, eat healthy, do the right things. Passionate about looking good, feeling good. And when it comes to religion and health, sometimes the passion is instigated by other events. Failing health, death of a loved one, or realization of our own mortality. You hear people say “he found God” or “she was born again” or “he is a health freak now”. What those people don’t understand is the people they are talking about have found a passion for something bigger….a passion for an ultimate goal. And it’s difficult to understand from the outside looking in…..

……and some of us find our passion only after we have escaped the shackles which have kept us down.

Passion is like a drug. It keeps you up late at night, gets you up earlier, makes you feel better, puts rose colored glasses in front of your eyes, and a smile on your face. It is addictive.

Do you want passion in your life?

Do you have any dreams? Big goals?

Sit down….write down what you want….I have an index card I carry around with me with three questions complete. Here they are:

#1) 5 years from now…..I would like to be that I am not right now…..

#2) 5 years from now…..I would like to do that I am not doing now…..

#3) 5 years from now….I would like to have I don’t have right now….

Those answers give me the passion to do what I am doing today. My dreams, and reaching my dreams are my passion.

Do you need some help finding your passion? First DREAM!

Live Your Life with PASSION!!!!