The Discipline of Exercise

Exercise is so vital to The Disciplined Body.

Not only will exercise help you become physically fit, but regular exercise greatly benefits your psychological wellbeing.

It’s a Catch-22, you don’t feel good so you don’t exercise and the reason you don’t feel good is because you are not exercising.


In today’s society we have gotten so ‘busy’ we have not taken the time necessary to exercise. We have also used time as an excuse. We need to improve our time management and make time to exercise. The benefits you will reap will be great.

Exercise Increases Your Energy

Regular exercise stimulates the brain as well as the body. Your body will become more efficient at burning calories with an increase in your metabolism.

With an increased metabolism, you will burn more calories at rest, and more throughout the day, helping you to lose weight, then control it.

Exercise Relieves Stress

Those who exercise a few times a week will tell you they are less stressed and feel better. Some researchers will say it's because neurotransmitters are stimulated in the brain and endorphins are released causing elated moods and emotions.

Have you ever head of the "runner's high"? This chemical release that take place with exercise can be mood altering.

Exercise Improves Your Body’s Shape

Exercise will help tone muscles, and depending on the exercises you perform, it may increase the size of your muscles.

Increasing muscle mass will help you burn fat.

Early on when an exercise program is undertaken, you may experience like many others, a reduction in your waist before you’ll lose many pounds. Muscle weighs more than fat, so as the saying goes, ‘you may loses inches before pounds.”

Don't get discouraged. Let time work for you. We are looking for long-term benefits.

Exercise Improves Overall Health

Regular exercise may not only help you lose weight and feel better, but it may help prevent and manage diabetes, reduce certain cancer risks, and help you sleep better.

Just think, with a little discipline, exercising can change your future and your world.

Exercise Improves One’s Outlook on Life

When you get yourself on a regular exercise program, you feel disciplined. You feel an sense of accomplishment.

You can use this feeling of accomplishment to help you improve other areas of your life.

Those areas could be your relationships, money, career, spiritual, educational, or others you would like to work at, discpline yourself, to be better.

With the confidence and discipline you acquire through achieving better health through a regular exercise program, you will know you can accomplish anything.