One morning as I was preparing for another great day, I was overcome with a feeling and thought I could not get out of my mind.


Here’s the definition:

Main Entry: an·tic·i·pa·tion Pronunciation: (")an-"ti-s&-'pA-sh&n Function: noun

1 a : a prior action that takes into account or forestalls a later action

b : the act of looking forward; especially : pleasurable expectation

2 : the use of money before it is available

3 a : visualization of a future event or state b : an object or form that anticipates a later type

4 : the early sounding of one or more tones of a succeeding chord to form a temporary dissonance -- compare SUSPENSION synonym see PROSPECT

The emotion related to anticipation can be very euphoric.

I started to think back in my life when I had anticipated an event that had me in a state of mind which was nearly ecstatic. We’ve all had them. Some of my memories,

The Night Before…….

….going to Fenway Park with my family to watch a baseball game

….going fishing opening day when I was a kid

….a big game I had to pitch

….my first date


….flying back from Germany to see my family

….the night before a big golf tournament

Anticipating the birth of my children, their first tooth, their first step, their first word, their first day of school, their first date (maybe I dread that), their graduation, their wedding, their kids.

If we can only harness the positive emotion of anticipation.

Can we condition ourselves, do the positive things we need to do, to feel this way on a daily basis?

Can we ANTICIPATE each and every day as we have others?

If we can, and I know we can, we find a renewed energy for life, a renewed energy for each other, and there becomes a clearer direction.

Have you ever seen or talked with anyone that has had a near death experience?

Have you ever met anyone who had been treated for cancer, thought they were going to die, and then becomes healthy again?

Why does it take significant events like that to change people?

Why should a doctor tell us shape up or you’ll be shipping yourself out?

Setting goals / defining things we want to accomplish in life helps move us toward an “anticipation state” versus the opposite: dread.

How much do we dread events, or even non-events?

Dread sucks the life out of us. It’s only one letter different than dead.

Many times, where we want to go or what we want to accomplish has two diametric choices. Example, you want to lose weight. You can think about it and anticipate the day when you have accomplished your goal, and reach you target. You look good, clothes fit different, have more energy, and are proud of the accomplishment. Anticipation of the end result can absolutely fire you up to take action to get it done.

Or you can take the other side of the coin. You dread having to change your habits. You dread exercising. You dread eating healthy. So you do nothing.

Anticipation…….what are you anticipating?

Take action today….Set your Goals…..Find Your Passion!